CANN announced a new top level domain name application list apple Google etc


technology news June 14th morning news, ICANN yesterday officially announced the new gTLDs global application list, received a total of 1930 new top-level domain name application. Among them, 66 for the geographical domain name, the 116 for the international top-level domain (non Latin top domain). In terms of the region, there are 911 applications from North America, 675 in Europe, and the other in the Asia Pacific region, with a total of $303 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and a total of 17 in Africa (see article). The number of applications in the region is about $24.

According to the domestic

provides a new top-level domain agent hosting service network revealed that currently has more than and 20 new top-level domain for consulting, technology platform hosting and other services, including Jingdong (micro-blog mall), CITIC Group,, (micro-blog) etc..

abroad, the apple of the application of the ".Apple" domain, DELL (micro-blog) the application of the ".Dell" domain, while Google is spending $18 million 870 thousand, for the 102 top-level domain names including.Google,.Goo,.Docs,.Youtube,.Android.

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ICANN released a list of China institutions to apply for a new top-level domain is divided into three categories: one is to provide the general public business domain name registration services, such as CNNIC applications. "The company" and "network." two Chinese domain name; the other is the brand name, for example, in the letter "for Sohu CITIC.", ".Sohu"; there is a geographical domain name such as". Guangzhou, etc., in addition, there are companies to apply, I love you, such as fashion personalized domain name to provide public registration.

industry insiders said that after the expansion of the new top-level domain, which means that the past.Com,.Cn and the like of the domain name, the future can be used.Shop,.Sohu"". CITIC form, which is bound to change the domain name of the user’s needs in the industry.


ICANN in June 20, 2011 decided to open a new top-level domain application, the new top-level domain application is very enthusiastic, like ".Web" and ".Shop" domain name has multiple applications, eventually need through auction flowers who decided. The scarcity of new top-level domain will lead to very competitive, the industry is expected to some popular top-level domain name auction price will be up to tens of millions of dollars.

According to

, the application is only the first step to obtain a new top-level domain, and then go through the complex ICANN audit, objections, auctions and other procedures. The ability of technical operation and maintenance platform Entrust Agent hosting company with the ICANN standards and the long-term management of domain name, and the next step of bidding process are familiar with the degree of influence the final audit by the important factors.

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