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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) December 26th news, fade Jingdong management year Liu Qiangdong has returned from the United States, and re helm. In the media communication will be held in the Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong released the 2014 Jingdong "sail" strategy: the next key focuses on technology, financial Dian Dian O2O channel sink and internationalization of the five direction.

had a very long time, the head of the Jingdong to become a "stealth" character: Chinese away from the Internet, visiting the Columbia University in the United states. People have almost forgotten Liu Qiangdong once outspoken, frequency put "cannon" electric lunatic image. In 2012, with the electricity supplier giant Alibaba, offline retail giant Suning tough price war battle, so that the Jingdong and he stood in the teeth of the storm is controversial. But in the past year, Jingdong and Liu Qiangdong surprisingly low profile. At the beginning of the year "respite" strategy, Liu Qiang Dongyuan went to study in the United States, remote command. The Jingdong is easily completed, and high-level rotation to replace the domain name for the subject, expand the POP open platform, financial services and other adjustment resolution.

from the current situation, the five directions in 2014 Jingdong strategy has become a major focus of media to report, "like a swarm of bees" Jingdong to the "big" position, technology (big data, mobile Internet, finance, O2O) is a series of Internet hot words this year, also will be the next "Melody", with "the main melody" theme of the strategic direction of the interpretation is never wrong, never move is lagging behind.

, according to Liu Qiangdong introduction, in the past 10 years, Jingdong is just to save the data, data extraction, business analysis and did not do more work. The big data on Jingdong finance, Jingdong’s electricity supplier marketing plays a key role. It is understood that in November of this year, Jingdong supply chain finance loans amounted to 500 million yuan, the loan for the supplier of the trial operation for a year, a total loan amount of up to $8 billion. In December, 3 minutes of financing arrival Jing Bao Bei officially launched, the supplier can to warehousing goods as collateral for loans, can be borrowed, the amount can be adjusted automatically. Jingdong’s supply chain financing will greatly enhance the net profit margin of Jingdong.

data is the future of Jingdong’s core assets, financial services is the source of future high profit Jingdong. The space of these two businesses still largely depends on the thickness of Jingdong’s own electricity supplier business. 2014, Jingdong will sink from the channel, O2O, and other aspects of the international electricity supplier to consolidate the foundation. The next 10 years, Jingdong to pursue the ultimate user experience, which is reflected in the logistics services. For example, Jingdong pop open platform logistics experience and Jingdong proprietary larger differences, which affect the user experience, but also affected the growth of Jingdong pop open platform. In this regard, Liu Qiangdong said that in 2014, pop sellers must achieve 24 hours of service, enhance the user experience.

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