Civilink built Cn domain fast review channel has received thousands of applications

according to the new regulations, from December 14th onwards, submit the application for the domain name registration of users online at the same time, should be within 5 days to provide the official seal of the domain name registration application form (original), business license or organization code certificate (copy) and the registered contact identity (photocopy) a written application information to the domain name registration services.Cn and domain name administration audit, after the confirmation to open domain.

otherwise, the domain name will be canceled.

The implementation of

on the first day of the new deal, saidiwang learned from Chinese million net, it has received more than a thousand copies of the.Cn domain name registration user written application materials, the new policy is effective.

According to

and CEO Chinese network president Zhang Xiangdong introduced, 11 pm, after receiving the notice, immediately organized the products, technology and customer service personnel the night to work overtime, modify the.Cn domain name registration system and registration process in accordance with the provisions of the new deal, to stop the domain name online automatic verification system.

at the same time in the domain name registration of the user in the process of the significant position of each page to remind the user to submit a written application. And in the network member center, increase the domain status query window, convenient for users to understand the new domain name registration audit schedule.

in addition, Chinese million net emergency from sales and customer service departments to deploy 30 domain audit service group established veteran soldiers and able captains, focus on the.Cn domain name registration information audit training, ensure a quick review of the user domain name written application materials. At the same time, Chinese nets have been actively carry out audit work on the original domain name registration information, the registration information is not complete the domain name, the domain name owner to notify the user is required to submit materials within 15 days, to ensure compliance with the new requirements.

Zhang Xiangdong said that the implementation of the new domain name.Cn is conducive to the fight against criminals on the Internet using false information to register the domain name, dissemination of pornographic information. For the remediation of the Internet environment, inventory of illegal information website for young people to provide green, healthy Internet life and learning environment, plays an extremely important role.

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