Open mind at a party in Hangzhou

      yesterday, if the neighbor in Hangzhou, a gathering of the invitation should be popcorn Zhang Yuzhen, but also the first time I took the identity of the network marketing director to participate in such activities.

        and the usual party, do a self introduction, then we exchange, OPEN, you come to me to talk about the Internet, talk business, talk about cooperation, because they hold an open attitude, so anything think are easy to communicate.

      and eight box founder Nguyen Yiming chatted for a long time, eight and and shoot is focused on individual applications but also mutual understanding, mutual learning. He said something to me very deep feelings: for cooperation, we hold an open heart in the face of Huailai, we are willing to open up our API, and even some good opportunities for cooperation, we can focus on our personalized music service, the community can give our partners, we grow together. But even so, it’s still hard in china.

      think about Yahoo’s acquisition of delicious, the acquisition of Flickr, and even the last to give up their album service. In the United States, the focus of the application eventually have the opportunity to find a platform to rely on, including a reasonable way out. Facebook Platform program, the application of the company to create more possibilities.

      even I and the Ruan Yiming joke, we do Facebook go to API.

      China Internet Copy to China once in the process, since that narrowing a gap, but we Copy out of shape, but not Copy soul, and today gradually see what is the real Web2.0, we in the concept has been far behind

      a flower in the article: to look at the domestic situation, you need not expect there will be a Platform, you need to see, only two things:

      school screen no rice; blog moving tools; also use more nonsense? The different concepts of place.

      although we can not change the environment, but we can change their minds, so that we can do, not only at the level of cooperation, but also more far-reaching. Open API that is only the first step, and continue to move forward, we need a more open platform. Although it is impossible to predict when that will happen, but at least not in a situation like this:


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