The safety car traced to business restructuring or sale closed burden

tiger sniffing note: Today car cloud network reported that the safety car is gradually close the business, is likely to sell packaged car home. The direct use of the majority of employees have dissolved "in some areas have eaten a farewell dinner" conclusive statement.

this, the tiger sniffing learned from informed sources, a good car safely in some areas indeed closed the business, but can not confirm whether you want this business for sale. There are Ping An Insider’s explanation: a good car safely according to Ping An group of 3 open strategy, the ongoing adjustment of business model. The implication is that the closure of some regional business, but not on whether or not to make too much for sale.

Chinese peace group chairman Ma Mingzhe mentioned 3 opening strategy in 2016 New Year’s speech, said ping an integrated financial 3 is no longer confined to the internal peace, but the development model of "Internet plus financial" open to the whole industry.

the following car from yunwang, author Zhao Wensheng, the original title is a good car safely traced off, the car home is then set man


model has not yet been found out, the boss has lost patience, a good break off.

if 2015 is mixed race second-hand car business, then in 2016 it can be called a knockout, one thing as early as before the Spring Festival will have the wind: peace good car business is gradually closed, some areas have had a farewell dinner, internal staff or severance, business or will be packed off to the car home. Ask the safety car and car cloud fungus insiders, the other said temporarily not answer. Nevertheless, through some understanding of the circle, this thing is basically eight or nine from the ten.

why is

a good car safely?

is a good car peace peace group in 2013 May on the line C2B used car business, that was hit by 1 billion 400 million ad campaigns has been to attack the 36 city. Like before the independence of the seeds of second-hand car, safe financial and human resources and other aspects of the car backed peace group’s advantage, the increasingly strong, why can this is born with a golden spoon three years old children fell


first, the direct reason is a serious loss. According to car cloud bacteria, a monthly average of 2000 vehicles on the safety car trading volume, and each car sale at least six thousand or seven thousand yuan loss. Low frequency, lack of sales leads, conversion rate is a fatal injury.

1, a good car safely do not second-hand car single link, but the auto finance industry, is in need of high-frequency trading, and the current second-hand car trading obviously belong to low frequency.

2, the safety car and not set up their own complete sales leads to operating system, many sales leads are from third party procurement, in the second-hand car market, car source who in the world.

3, close to the safety car industry sources, the safety car sales leads conversion efficiency is very low, or less than 1%. < >

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