Love Mall try to test the water of its own electricity supplier manufacturer short lived setback



double giant manufacturers own electricity supplier

setback test part company each going his own way

reporter Lang Lang Guangzhou reported

official operation less than 3 months, Haier group and the United Kingdom multi-channel retail business Wyatt Group group (Home Retail) joint venture to build the electricity supplier website – love Gu mall announced the dissolution.

this news by Gu Gu mall employees broke the news to the electricity supplier industry experts Gong Wenxiang was known by the outside world, then, Haier group in a statement on the official website confirmed the news.

Haier group statement: in October 2011, Haier electric and Home Retail Group (hereinafter referred to as "HRG") to set up a joint venture in China to HRG" Argos" brand development multi-channel retail business. Currently, due to the strategic adjustment of HRG, decided to withdraw from China business. Haier respect each other’s choice, and to reach an agreement with each other, according to the relevant provisions of the existing business of voluntary liquidation.

on the other hand it also means: from global brand strategy development stage to network development stage of the Haier group, from 2010 HRG and try its electricity supplier in the field of setbacks.

"the layout of the electricity supplier Haier will not be affected, Haier mall and Haier in Tmall, flagship store is still in progress, Haier is still the domestic appliance industry sales income of the highest business electricity supplier." However, Haier 1169 business entities who told this reporter.

is a domestic appliance industry has the highest logistics and marketing channels across the board layout of the manufacturers, is a rich multi channel operating experience of UK retailers, the initial cooperation by both sides high hopes, what makes the two sides finally

part company each going his own way?

short-lived attempt

2010, Haier group began to cooperate with HRG try. In September of that year, the two sides jointly launched online home shopping platform – day Shun Roca to catalog + online mall + store as the main model.

Haier group said that HRG’s Argos is Britain’s most successful business, mode of operation will be "catalog sales +B2C+O2O" three integration modes, traditional retail is Britain’s most successful enterprises involved in the electricity supplier, the Chinese intends to enter the market, while Haier’s goodaymart "as the three or four largest domestic market retailers also intends to expand the field of electricity providers.

Thus the two sides agree without prior without previous consultation


for Haier, HRG can not only provide multi-channel operating experience of success, but also to help expand the day outside the home appliances except for the

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