Google’s page logo is how seventy two change rub the Olympic hot spots

actually Google is also a detail control.

2011, Doodle (see the Google Google Corporation is to open the browser sign) patent, the patent is described as "a system and methods can lure users visit a website. Now they seem to have completely successful — because Google Doodle was "the circle" user powder absolute minority, habit, now every specific festivals and events occurred, we often unconsciously open the browser to see Google logo and what kind of new flowers.


events have been for a few days, as the "iron" Doodle really didn’t miss, because Brazil is the fruit of the Rio Sheng origin, so they are "special" Olympic Games fruit design, this two weeks, your Google will be occupied by the fruit Doodle.


– August 6th tennis player pineapple


August 7th equestrian athlete grape Jun


August 8th swimmer lemon



August 9th Golf oranges and blueberry


August 10th Polo rookie captain

appleThis is certainly not the

Doodle’s Olympic debut, review the previous same aspect lot –

2004 Athens Olympic Games: gathering of gods


opened by Zeus lightning lit the torch




at the closing of the


2008 Beijing Olympic Games: five Fuwa and the Chinese zodiac



opened for admission to the

Torch Fuwa




^ twelve >

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