The electricity supplier on birds come to

I don’t know why I always have so many birds forum titles, all this makes me feel. I would like to write an article on the growth of the rookie, but found that this section appeared in two times are related to the rookie to fly the article, but also just to tell my feelings and feelings.

and the Benniao rookie here to fly or write what to remember, deeply felt when I was confused, I will come to the electricity supplier, when I need a spare time will come to the electricity supplier, because there is a very good learning atmosphere and communication environment, make the idea people have the ability to grow continuously. I also want to fly the bird. I will work hard and cherish every opportunity, when the opportunity came, need a good grasp and hard work, the "my brother’s rookie and 28 push the affair really express me to push in 28 especially the business true feelings.

write in my 28 push real in the 14 days of feeling, I feel many, is the 28 group xdjm push electricity supplier experience, the most vivid in my mind is: let the rookie here take off (original), my mood and the feeling is the same, want to become a core staff of 28 push the electricity supplier, although only 28, but I have to work harder. The members of the group is active and enthusiastic, every day on a meaningful topic, although they are not often speak, but feels the same, every day have focused on the forum and the QQ group, at least 2 hours every day to learn the knowledge of the time, in no time will spare 1 hours to learn and write a original article every day. Because too many things a day, time is limited. Although every day to look at the Taobao alliance but did not follow the instructions wise remark of an experienced person, the implementation of it, as I want to change myself, I saw 28 push open registration, to invite the registration immediately registered, did not care how, when you see the apprentice to make it move my mind, he is lack of person with a belt, very moving, can use the time use but still very sorry not to be able to complete the task. But I found the electricity supplier sector, electricity supplier exchange group, into the group found themselves really came to the place. The people said they looked at a lot of Amoy finished red diamond with a month’s time, but I spent one and a half years to complete, is really a great pain, as a warning for the future to find the reasons for 2 days to think and summary, summarizes the reason is: the purpose is not clear enough, the execution is not enough method, the wrong way, especially the SEO and the promotion of the site is not doing enough in place. Today, I also come to a rookie article. I am only Benniao, is not just a rookie. I am only Benniao Benniao, but also want to fly. He engaged in Amoy a year and a half, but unfortunately I tell you now just a drill, I don’t want to fly, I did not dream and the goal, because he is very dull.

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