Micro blog transformation the era of micro electricity supplier how to develop

since the emergence of WeChat and micro-blog had to create a great sensation gradually fade out of the user’s line of sight, some people may only treat it as a purely social platform to use it, but it was the use of micro business becomes more and more commercialized, finally advertising overwhelming information, users turned to the WeChat platform. But WeChat did not cherish the opportunity that social electricity supplier, micro-blog road.


when the user of the micro business marketing behavior in WeChat mouthing, whether micro-blog has been pleased, found the opportunity to stand up, since there is no change in various social platforms micro business development trend, then why not the micro electricity supplier more formal and professional? So, micro-blog has spent a long time studying business the development plan has been released in recent days, micro-blog will jointly sell micro Alibaba, and other partners to open the main interest oriented "micro business" strategy.


strategy, micro-blog platform for consumers and businesses to build a real bridge, mainly through the "micro-blog Master" share commercial links, product launch businesses in the Alibaba and micro-blog cooperation platforms, with interest in classification, "Master" will choose to micro-blog windows form suitable for their promotion of products to create a link go out and add recommend their own information, show in micro-blog circle. Micro-blog this transition seems to deviate from the first direction, is expected to become the best social platform track, the wrong, because of the development trend of micro electricity providers continue to flourish and will not change, only then forward.

But micro-blog’s

, this transformation is mainly dependent on the so-called "micro-blog Master" connection between consumers and businesses marketing relationship, it can be said that micro-blog will become a drainage channel, however, can really bring benefits for businesses to estimate only those slightly famous or worthy of the public trust "Master" on the one hand, the platform from the interests of business sales increased, on the other hand, even Master to dividends, this mutually beneficial strategy is not perfect? For these consumers fair? Not necessarily, the micro-blog move, only do the following, micro business to sustainable development on the platform.

1, "people" standardization. Since micro-blog decided that "micro-blog Master" as the promotion of products, so you should be responsible for "Master" and consumers, not only for the immediate interests, casually let users become "Master", at least strict examination is essential, moreover must have a credibility of the community questioned stand up to the consumer.

2, interest classification accuracy. Micro-blog’s main interest as the dominant direction as the promotion of product classification, then product classification for "Master" industry and the promotion of the theme, to prevent the "Master" standard promotion, adverse evaluation between the fans. As has been the main clothing of the people, suddenly interspersed with news of the promotion of food, just think of your fans how to see the final marketing of micro electricity supplier also has no effect.

3, to prevent micro bianwei. Micro-blog micro electricity supplier to develop into an open marketing

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