By making use of event marketing Maxivista you WeChat cited more than 5000

July 15th morning, "dressing room indecent video" spread rapidly in the micro-blog WeChat platform, triggered netizens attention and condemnation. However, in less than 24 hours, the number of brands around the basic necessities of life UNIQLO indecent video marketing campaigns, an occasion to Bo people eyeball, maxed out the whole circle of friends, and to do for our network practitioners, we act not and just a spectator, but also to learn, borrowing and leveraging by platform.

and I’m from July 15th 5 pm, inadvertently in the Baidu search: UNIQLO video, Sanlitun UNIQLO and other words, Baidu found on the right side there is a comment box, see somebody left WeChat, QQ, out of curiosity, a simple test, a few minutes of nearly 50 people, at the time of registration a new micro signal to operate, just an hour to the near 1000+, right now Baidu comment box is closed, and the noon of June 16th, inadvertently found quickly, Sina, UNIQLO Post Bar comments on many platforms, almost UNIQLO information to cover, and believe that this is an opportunity, after the test, by 16, 7 pm, 3 micro signals have been stuck, a total number of at least more than 8000+, a total of about 5 hours of operation.


test, a new platform for a new method to study are as follows: (to share some of my friends here will see that: if the event is over, which is not used, the NO, as long as the will to work, never mind a method of failure, people will continue to see the


a, the specific methods of operation which


search keywords: video, video, UNIQLO UNIQLO seed Sanlitun UNIQLO;

: Sina, micro-blog, quick drainage channels, beauty shot, QQ group, Post Bar, video comments, interest in the tribe;


micro-blog released a video news release: UNIQLO repeated keywords words, forget the UNIQLO video, micro signal or QQ inside don’t. There may be hot spots, that is, we search keywords.

comment: to leveraging Sina micro-blog ad, can reference rivals, to comment, if you feel micro-blog not hot, for Taobao to find points praise, 2 yuan /100.


deft, beauty shoot video download software quickly, the following reply, one minute can be about 20 people. Yourself or send some UNIQLO actress pictures, picture it says must be changed to WeChat or QQ.

(below) I just entered the screenshot, we look at how much fire.



rank: the main building of the QQ group video, UNIQLO, UNIQLO UNIQLO seeds and other words, the group name, group introduced the contents of a large number of repeat.


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