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yesterday (March 11th) morning, Baidu cloud OS forum official put up a post called "farewell, because the company’s internal business restructuring, Baidu cloud OS from March 11, 2015 will suspend update…… Baidu cloud OS born from June 4, 2012 to today, we have spent a memorable day stand together through storm and stress 1010……."

Baidu cloud OS this year by Shenzhen hundred percent digital technology company.

June 2012, Baidu cloud OS was born, is based on Android4.0 and above version of the development of the third party smart phone system (ROM), thus the former Baidu ·.

at the beginning of November 2013, Baidu announced a strategic investment in Shenzhen City, one hundred percent Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Baidu cloud OS assets plus cash investment, becoming its largest strategic investor. Press release did not disclose the specific amount of investment and the proportion of shares. Baidu said, Baidu one hundred percent strategic investment company, to strengthen through the combination of Baidu cloud intelligent terminal platform and hardware vendors and B2B channel depth, play to the advantages of technology and Baidu cloud one hundred percent hardware and channel advantages, improve the mobile cloud ecosystem.

Baidu cloud OS announced to stop the update, the spread of such a mobile phone screenshot:


as of now, Baidu cloud OS line under three years issued a total of 6 formal edition (updated quarterly), iteration of the 67 beta (updated every two weeks), fit more than 150 models, the number of users has exceeded 10 million.

stop updating news announced that there are users complain:

had bought a big reason is because Baidu hundred plus V6 reason, think big companies, have to rely on, not worse than millet, after the buy, has not been updated, the beta version does not support, now Baidu divestment, Bacardi company collapsed, but bought the mobile phone and a lot of people, I hope Baidu cloud OS to be responsible in the end, after all, just bought not long after the mobile phone, we hope to see it in a member of the Baidu system update, Baidu mobile phone or later again, we who dare to buy????? Hope Baidu cloud OS official can attach the goods we add friends.

but obviously, either Baidu or 100%, are unlikely to put the curse resentment to stop updating is expected to heart, stop updating, and the business is so ruthless.

why hundred percent of the Baidu cloud OS this thing messed up?

"First Financial Daily" interview to the Shenzhen one hundred percent Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "one hundred percent") chairman Xu Guoxiang. His story as follows:

on the adjustment of Baidu cloud OS, due to one hundred percent is entering >

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