51Talk received 55 million C round of financing within one year of the two financing


technology news October 23rd afternoon news, online English training institutions 51Talk announced the completion of $55 million C round of financing, lead investor Sequoia Capital, this is a Sequoia Capital to the online education field of the first single.

it is reported that 51Talk financing of $12 million B round of financing less than a year, the cumulative amount of financing within a year to reach $70 million. Lei Jun Shun fund and venture capital institutions DCM with the cast again.

51Talk was founded in 2011, the same year to get new Oriental co-founder Xu Xiaoping hundreds of thousands of dollars in angel investment. 2012 DCM millions of dollars in investment. After a lapse of a year, completed by Lei Jun Shun Fund led a $12 million B round of financing.

51Talk CEO Huang Allison said, 51Talk currently has nearly 50 thousand subscribers and more than 2500 foreign teachers. With the support of the restructuring funds, the next three years, 51Talk will focus on products and services, independent research and development courses."

in view of our customers more than half of the two or three lines from the city, all in addition to the North Canton, we will continue to build the line in other cities to experience the store, try a variety of O2O." Huang Jiajia said. (Zhang Nan)

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