Biography of the acquisition of the original price of 139 yuan 139 com mobile domain name

IT February 8th Sohu was informed that China Mobile has Huayahexun from Shenzhen science and technology limited company purchased the domain name, dedicated to the promotion of its mobile phone business email. While the original website will enable the new domain, and renamed as I.

sources said that China Mobile spent tens of millions of dollars to buy this domain name. However, China Mobile group stakeholders to Sohu IT said it was not clear. Former chief editor Li Anke said that the company has reached a certain agreement with China Mobile, domain name will be transferred out, but the outside world, the amount of the amount of the acquisition, said a mere rumor.

it is understood that after the early Huayahexun cooperation between China Mobile and Shenzhen, China Mobile has been using the domain name to promote mobile phone mailbox service. With the development of this business, coupled with the influence of the 139 brands, China Mobile would like to get back to this independent domain name.

domain name switch will certainly have an impact on us, but at the same time there are new benefits." Li Anke said, because of the’s domain name is very reminiscent of the China Mobile brand, therefore, and other operations to discuss cooperation in what will encounter difficulties, and switching to a new domain, this problem will not exist.

it is understood that the original operation of mobile personal space in Shenzhen Huayahexun’s website. February 10th, will launch a new domain name to buy.

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