Network group purchase group purchase chaos towards the end of the introduction of the new deal

recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce finally issued "on the strengthening of the network group purchase operations management advice" (hereinafter referred to as the "group purchase industry management opinions"), to regulate the network group purchase order of market operation, maintenance of network consumers and operators of the legitimate rights and interests. At this point, has been plagued by the group purchase sites are "not be" restricted ", the business sector can not hold" group purchase industry situation is expected to be radically improved, the group purchase "motherless child" finally someone to "claim".

New Deal emphasizes good market access

SAIC announced "group purchase industry management opinions", the network group purchase is defined as "through the Internet channel, group of a certain number of consumers buy the same goods or services with low discount business." Although the factors of "quantity" and "discount" key is not clearly defined, but the national business sector for the first time on the network group purchase clear description of the development of group purchase industry to have a more clear direction, but also a specification of the market.

industry pointed out that the state of making a clear definition of the network group purchase, some do not meet the definition of online shopping behavior within the scope cannot be summed up as the group purchase, in addition to the publicity and other aspects will have more clear guidance to consumers, to define the range of network group purchase purchase behavior more strictly in accordance with the "group purchase industry management opinions" to carry out, this change will affect the market of online shopping and group purchase pattern.

it is worth noting that the "group purchase industry management opinions" also emphasized that the country must be the good market access network group purchase group purchase website, within the jurisdiction of audit subject qualification ", according to a group purchase site for privately told Nanfang Daily reporters, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce may move to join the group purchase website audit and access mechanism, and the current thousands of domestic group purchase website disorderly coexistence pattern may change completely.

consumers are encouraged but worried about the implementation of difficult

as the network group purchase of the participants, but also the victim of years of bad behavior of consumers in the group purchase, was informed that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the relevant management advice, generally agreed, Sina users "friends" in micro-blog said: "to comply with laws and regulations, not the integrity of the group purchase website, we should be the administrative department of industry and commerce give a severe blow, to create a harmonious environment for consumers to online shopping." Netizen "nosy prairie wolf" in Sina micro-blog also for the administration of industry and Commerce Initiatives applauded: "fight well, and now a lot of group purchase under the banner of kickbacks, in fact, consumers are not the real benefit! Really fake combat support group purchase,


support and welcome the consumers in the minority, but there are some consumers in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "group purchase industry management opinions" efforts to implement the doubt, have participated in the group purchase consumers Miss Chen in an interview with Nanfang Daily reporter that involved in many aspects of group purchase process, part of the group.

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