The internal logic of bucket challenge


The United States

ALS ice bucket challenge swept up, including Bill Gates, Larry · · Paige, Mark Zuckerberg, Kobe · · Bryant, Taylor Swift, the brightest stars are involved. This event also came to China a can not be closed, the wind is blowing from the technology sector to entertainment, sports, music, film and television circles, Zhou Hongyi, Robin Li, Lei Jun, Andy Lau and other star characters are involved in.

so, what is the ice bucket challenge? "ALS ice bucket challenge" is the practice of participants released the ice water thrown over the body of the video on the video website, then the participant will be able to challenge other people to participate in this activity. It is important to be invited to either accept the challenge within 24 hours, or to choose to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to donate $100. The purpose is to let more people know what is called "a rare disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but also to raise money to help achieve the purpose of treatment.

A simple

with one ice behavior, the outbreak of virus in a short period of time the same, what’s the logic? What tricks? Today Viagra with everyone through the phenomenon of nature, as we unravel this mystery.

fission, virus fission quickly spread

ice bucket challenge with social networking and video communication principle, as in the micro-blog sent a text, then @3 is the same, but also with the help of the social network of the principle of fission virus. The difference is that @ people are different, celebrities certainly @ celebrities, celebrities themselves have a lot of fans and media attention, easy to become a hotspot.


@ everyone are "three" type of fission, similar to cellular coverage, which is in the area of coverage and non line spread, so can spread in a short period of time more, and there is no restriction on the space. Ice bucket challenge is spread from the United States to China, this form is "flower", in the United States have not been fully spread, there is little to Chinese, began to spread in the fission China, can also to the United Kingdom, Japan, India and other countries.

in addition, each celebrity "wet ice show" is also a very tipping point topic, prior to this, in addition to entertainment stars love the hype, haven’t seen sector chiefs had such behavior. However, the challenges, such as Robin Li and others have also refined and cultured wet body appearance, the most rare challenge is through the way, let the impossible things become possible, this is never the freshness of the past, this will cause rapid propagation.

timeliness, 24 hours must be answered

ice bucket challenge requires 3 person participants @ must be made within 1 days or 24 hours to respond, which means that the challenge is aging >

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