Buy domain name in the near future what happened in the field of buy

2010 has caused a very influential group purchase market, group purchase hot domain in the industry, and now a year later, the competition in the field of group purchase is still very intense, and facing a group purchase market has shrunk, some group purchase website have taken measures to change to survive, the first and the domain name has become the survival and development of the road, here is a look at recently, some website moves on the market group purchase group purchase.

36 buy buy buy my domain name


2011, fierce competition in the market under the market group purchase group purchase, began to shrink, some group purchase website survival have transformation, recently 36 group purchase network to the transformation of the way, "I know" low-key acquired and Larry domain, and enable the domain transformation built I know mall network "," knowledge I know, I know what I need, " domain name applications now nowadays consumer online shopping platform, appropriate hot type, and have a good domain name power, I know network group purchase network transformation choice! I know the domain name registration in 2006.

Wo Wo Group digital domain


Some of the current

group purchase website facing shrinking phenomenon, and had to transition or layoffs to reduce spending, and some are in the limelight on the group purchase website to tide, not only the acquisition of a new domain name is site operation, such as Wo Wo Group recently bought the digital domain name low-key boutique, then is rumored to domain name trading price over 5 million yuan. There is a lot of attention. After that, Wo Wo Group enabled domain launched a one-stop life new mall site, eventually settled in the Wo Wo Group domain name, domain name value will also be fully developed, the domain name is worth a lot of money, at the same time, also shows that in the field of Wo Wo Group group purchase strength.

kiss cosmetics buy network.Net station to buy.Com domain name


In addition to

, Wo Wo Group in the domain name strategy as recently, kiss network cosmetics group purchase also become an independent school, at the critical moment of the group purchase market bought "kiss" mainstream "kiss.Com domain name, baby, pro son", a word that kiss people feel warm, now jump to a domain, domain name registration in April 1997, now has 14 years of history of the CN domain name registration, the Department of Fujian kiss company official domain name, domain name is visible, precious.

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