Electricity supplier financing in winter the beginning did not survive this winter


CEO, founder of the first moment Xu Xiaohui (Sina pictures)

half a year ago, the founder of the first moment, CEO Xu Xiaohui in cool 6 electricity supplier interview, talked about next year’s biggest wish is still alive at the beginning. But only half a year after the news, the first moment is looking for the seller, intends to sell, Xu Xiaohui also confirmed to the DoNews does have larger buyers purchase or investment at the moment, the two sides were in contact related matters, Xu Xiaohui did not disclose to the sale of the first moment the specific causes of.

Following the

d after the first moment is a dead brand electricity supplier brand. Let’s get to know the company that was founded for only two years. At the end of November 2010, once in Jinshan, YAHOO, where the customer serving Xu Xiaohui registered Beijing Godot Technology Co. Ltd. and served as CEO, do pioneering work in the field of garment B2C, create first brand, in April the following year, beginning on the line. On the first anniversary of the line, @ Xu Xiaohui said in a message on micro-blog, today is your birthday, our first. It is like a flash. Life is short, slow down. At the beginning of the current operation is in good condition, the recent expansion of the new commodity category, but will further increase the SKU of clothing goods, the company has no plans for a new round of financing.

At the beginning of

financing time, publicly reported mostly evasive. 2011, just beginning on the line, Xu Xiaohui said in an interview, said

obtained before the angel investment Guan (tiger sniffing note: that there is ten million), the bulk of investment funds is in the product, the first year the new company is cash delivery, 90% is the time to get the goods on to others, the factory basically in Guangzhou, get the design draft or samples to batch production. The average amount of a 100-200, the next investment may have more resources to throw advertising, the initial purchase products in the warehouse, the warehouse in five East side. As for the formal introduction of the first round of investment, and the wind is still on fair, temporarily did not determine the investment side, we hope that the financing of 600-700 million dollars, and we share sell 20%-30% of the shares, funds will be used in the product is the most, besides the product’s technology, warehousing, the infrastructure, the current inventory has millions of inventory (ability).

A wheel is unknown, since then, Xu Xiaohui on many occasions have suggested early cash flow is normal, but the company has embarked on a " scale; enclosure do " the road of no return, "B2C we are all the same, the primary stage are not considered profitable, bigger scale, no scale enclosure even now the profit is also easy to others. "Slow life" may not be a person you are doing, at present still emphasized the need to scale up, some of the requirements of this is the investment side after entering, Xu Xiaohui accepted the interview China "brand clothing network" in the line say earlier.

capital pressure

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