The list of the four ha 2007 nternet expert

industry is a symbol of war in ancient China, calm, how many hero moment the meeting of wind and clouds.

Pronto, 2007. The course should go a long way, but left us thinking too? Amidst the winds of change for the 2007 season, leaving many places worth looking back. 2007 China Internet haha list, inventory marketing, business management, reflection on brand building…… Or said, or advice, or ridicule or criticism; good faith is the starting point of Liu Xingliang’s past; how many things have to pay the joke; think of the past, in the future, would "rain color line"……

The list of the 3

ha: four expert

expert is a broad concept, human expert can be called arrogant, also called a human expert can, can also be like a cow person’s hard work for the expert……

in this industry, they are the "big brother", in this industry, they do things; they may be caused by accident, it may be a surprise, may be praise, may also be angry…… In short, Liu Xingliang observed the path from the cow to the cow to the cow!

, bison – Shi Yuzhu

cattle index: 10

bovine fossa index: 10

integrated bovine finger: 10


listed on the NYSE, the journey, the giants, melatonin, online games online record

leather: in Liu Xingliang’s most admired IT expert, if Shi Yuzhu in the second row, that is certainly the first vacancy. Think of a song: "golden silver I love, only love sister good talent". On the IT of the technology industry, technology-based companies continue to move closer to the market and trader Shi Yuzhu It is often seen., giant is by virtue of superior market operation in the online games market A new force suddenly rises., he can be called "merchants in the technology market". If I must choose Shi Yuzhu for expert, NO.1, just because "Jinhua Yinhua I love, only love the old history of good talent". In the Internet arena, the old history is a real businessman. In the orthodox Internet arena heroes, the old history is absolutely wild ways, unconventional wild businessmen, such as the original "edge ball" in the form of CCTV advertising, such as free games, such as wages. So, the old history is 2007 ha China Internet list "four expert" in Buffalo


two, Buffalo – MA

cattle index: 10

bovine fossa index: 9

integrated bovine finger: 9.5


genius lecturer, Alibaba, Hongkong, listed small and medium sized enterprises

: Kraft said that Comrade Ma Yun is Buffalo, many users will certainly not to regard it as right is a variety of buffalo, in fact, bovine species is very powerful, a lot of cattle ghosts are in fact Buffalo, such as the masterpiece "journey to the west" the devil is belongs to sub >

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