Virtual business selling card behind the rumors local operators to suppress the low price

Tencent technology Guo Xiaofeng reported on August 7th

virtual operators selling card? Tencent technology to understand that indeed there are virtual operators to open licensing resource, is expected to introduce capital partners for common development, the essence of this phenomenon is the local operators of price competition, some strength is not strong enough to seek to protect themselves by means of virtual operators.

since the end of last year, the Ministry of Industry issued a virtual operator license, the licensed enterprise development planning began wildly beating gongs and drums. Up to now, 19 virtual operators have been launched to the market related business and tariffs, some companies have also officially announced the national commercial. But compared with the surface of the event, the actual development is not optimistic.

is responsible for the development of a number of virtual operators in the industry to Tencent technology revealed that virtual operators to enter the market until now, each performance is different. Some positive, some still silent, and active users are scanty for publicity.

up to now, the number of virtual operators in the past few months, the overall number of users less than 10% of the number of new operators based on the number of new operators (the average number of new operators based on the average monthly increase of 3 million).

zero upside down as the biggest obstacle to

called the "zero upside down", refers to the basic operators wholesale to virtual operators price has exceeded the market retail price. At first, the Ministry of Industry issued a "mobile resale business pilot program" in the clear requirements: basic telecom operators to give enterprises resale prices at the wholesale level, should be lower than their local public market similar business best retail price level, but the actual development of science and technology from the Tencent understand not.

said in a virtual operators to the Tencent of science and technology, from an operator where they flow wholesale price of 0.127 yuan /M, but the operator’s own retail prices in the market has been less than 0.1 yuan /M, and the more expensive than bread flour is to suppress the virtual operators."

According to Tencent

science and technology understanding, infrastructure operators are strictly abide by the price specification given by the Ministry of the signed business agreements to resell, only local company in the KPI performance under pressure and competition in order to win more market and customers, not strictly abide by. Such as the local infrastructure operators strong calls promotions, preferential subsidies to allow virtual operators in the price competition does not account for any advantage, users and the market will be more difficult to accept.

Because the

infrastructure operators in different degrees of competition, and grasp the market pricing, virtual operators can not compete on price based operators, "zero upside down" phenomenon also belongs to the normal phenomenon. But this does not mean that the virtual operator business has become a hot potato for brand enterprises.

in this regard, Wang Xianshu, chairman of the board of Tencent online technology, said, virtual operators to develop whether the user to subsidize the main look at whether the retail price is high and the transfer price, and now most of the

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