Traffic hijacking was first identified as a crime

original title: traffic hijacking was identified as a crime for the first time: two years ago, Baidu has sued 360


surging news reporter correspondent Chen Yiping Wang

Shanghai Pudong court’s ruling, for the first time at the judicial level will be identified as a crime of traffic hijacking.

because of the traffic hijacking using malicious code, the two defendants jailed.

November 10th, surging news reporter from the Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s court was informed that the hospital decision from the country’s first traffic hijacking case, two defendants were sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years; the distrained tools of crime and illegal income shall be confiscated or returned.

a defendant is only a high school education level

what is the flow of traffic when the Internet is a variety of malicious software to modify the browser, lock the home page, or constantly pop up a new window, mandatory access to certain sites, which is traffic hijacking.

according to the court, the defendant Fumou, Shaanxi, high school culture; Huang, Cantonese, University culture. From the end of 2013 to October 2014, Fumou, Huang et al rental multiple servers, the use of malicious code to modify the Internet user router DNS settings, and then log the user "" navigation website, jump to the set of "" navigation website. Two people will get the Internet user traffic sold to the navigation site owners – Hangzhou long Technology Co., ltd..

"" website after the report to the police, Shanghai police on 2014, filed on October. In November 17, 2014, the public security organs automatically to the defendant Fumou police received a call, after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime. After the defendant Fumou let the mother bear a call to the defendant Hwang surrendered, on November 17, 2014, the defendant Huang voluntarily surrender, and truthfully confessed his crime.

investigation, the two defendants in a short period of time the illegal income of up to 75.47 yuan.

according to the information network security ministry of public security key laboratory director Jin Bo introduction, the flow of data transmission on the network. Normal access to the Internet, the data will be between the user’s client and the correct site server transmission, users can browse the web, download songs, watch videos. If the user had wanted to visit the A site, but some people secretly made their hands and feet, so that it actually open the B site, which is called traffic hijacking.

Jin Bo pointed out that there are a variety of ways to hijack traffic, one of which is DNS hijacking, which is paid, Hwang two people take the way. DNS is responsible for DNS server. For example, access to Baidu is the domain name, the computer to the domain name will be converted into a specific DNS by I>

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