150 million yuan domain name Nissan com arbitration story behind

renamed China (eName.cn) November 24th news, according to foreign media reports, Nissan Motors Nissan recently sold 40 million yuan short letter names z.com hand holding, and the acquisition of the high price of 150 million yuan to the domain name Nissan.com, but about the domain name Nissan.com, but there is still a have to say the story of arbitration.


: domain name arbitration

"NISSAN" is "Nissan auto manufacturing company" English abbreviation, the word itself is a source from the Hebrew name English, so in the United States has been using the "NISSAN" trademark. However, no one has used "NIS-SAN" as a trademark.

is one of the Japanese auto industry giant three Nissan, before 1983, and there is not so much fame, and Nissan did not use the "NISSAN" trademark (Nissan) production and sales of automobile, but the use of a typical Japanese trademark "DATSUN" (Yang day). However, due to the "DATSUN" market share is too low, in order to adapt to the culture and customs of American consumers, Nissan’s decision makers decided to rename their products as "NISSAN". Since then, Nissan’s fame rise directly to a high position.

, however, Nissan’s replacement brand in the market has been a great success, but triggered a protracted trademark lawsuit. A businessman in the United States called Uzi· Nissan, the use of his family name "NISSAN" business brand. As early as 1980, he set up a "NISSAN import car repair company", etc.. 1994, in order to expand the computer business, Uzi· Nissan is registered domain name nissan.com. The move sparked concern from nissan.

September 1995, Nissan’s lawyer sent the first letter to Uzi·, Nissan’s computer company. Uzi· Nissan is not only the Nissan lawyers ignored, even registered Nissan.net, the start of the Internet advertising business, by placing advertising and website links to charge customers.

October 1999, Nissan Motor Company again with Uzi·, Nissan contact, said it intends to acquire nissan.com, the two sides after some bargaining, did not reach any agreement. In December 10, 1999, Nissan submitted a complaint to the U.S. Federal District Court, to the court for 10 million dollars.

at the end of the day, the court rejected the NISSAN automobile company prohibits NISSAN computer company requests using the nissan.com, and remanded the case to the local court for retrial.

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