According to the nternet payment network is brewing launch function and similar UnionPay


net"! China recently about the payments clearing Association will set up non bank payment institutions online payment and settlement platform message aroused concern, and this platform in function and UnionPay is very similar, so it is called as "wanglian". Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter confirmed the matter from various parties. Informed sources said that the current platform is the central bank to take the internal procedures.

according to the existing data, this platform is mainly made for non bank payment institutions launched online payment service and for payment services business, payment business innovation support in electronic commerce scenarios such as drivers, meet the payment account and bank account (including electronic account) based on the online payment interbank clearing funds, and through trusted services and risk detection, prevention and treatment of fraud, money laundering, and illegal fishing and other risks.

looks so similar to the function of the cup." A third party payment company said, UnionPay and similar "Networking" will also be a clearing platform, and the third party payment platform provides to the banking system with one point access platform. That is to say, after the third party payment companies don’t have to tell a bank to negotiate cooperation matters, as long as the network can be connected.

it is worth noting that the "net" is mainly aimed at holding Internet payment payment institution license, while holding acquiring licenses, prepaid licenses and other payment institutions are not included. "Network" will be a unified technical standards and business rules, and provide our customers prepared to pay the gold deposit concentrated pipe support.

actually, customers want to use the quick payment of funds within the bank card to Alipay or WeChat, Alipay or WeChat and other payment companies like bank access interface to the corresponding, the bank will therefore receive certain costs to pay the company interface. At present, the company is still negotiating payment in one by one with each bank.

the cost of access to the bank is different for each company." Another payment company insiders said that the bank will be based on a number of factors such as the size of the company to pay the price, some small payment companies can only get a higher price butt, or simply can not get on. The rate of high and low, will have a great impact on the payment of the company’s operating costs and competitiveness.

this is a relatively weak small payment institutions is a good." The State Council Development Research Center Deputy Director Chen Daofu to the Beijing morning news reporter said that if the "net" development is good, can reduce the the cost paid by the company, and improve the efficiency of payment to certain norms of the payment industry.

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