On the promotion and marketing method of sound novel with sound and silence

now in 2012, sound novel into a booming era, now every Baidu index in the index close to "search volume 18000", have to say with the novel hot, also detonated a sound novel promotion channels, then a sound novel, how should we promote on the other? A novel field through what method to get a chance to

your own


The first point:

sound novel marketing one of the Baidu

application framework


you look at this screenshot, is a sky with Baidu application frame sound novel promotion, I believe there are a lot of people are searching the sky every day, so you can see each novel in Baidu applications occupy a certain share of the market, a novel, use the Baidu box the use to provide the most valuable content is the truth. I believe in every customers, you see the most is to listen to stories like, but Baidu is used in our daily lives one of the most important about the brand publicity, in fact, now in Baidu, more and more attention to the promotion of the brand, only the brand website to get the trust of Baidu, other sites slowly will lose the original value in Baidu.

is the application of the characteristics of Baidu blossom everywhere, but also the characteristics of direct application of Baidu, so Baidu has a complete application, the site of all customers all made Baidu box, let each novel cannot do without your listening network, this is when you’re in the flow of success, now has the sound of the novel in particular, used this piece is not much, although a lot of work, but this kind of method is worth to try,

second points: the voice of the novel marketing of two, to provide audio downloads, and promote their own

with BT software in vogue, now popular in the seed file, usually in the play time will show in which the website translation, and so on, don’t take this as a business tool for the dissemination of audio and video files, so as to promote their copyright and so on. The sound novel, but also a chance, that is the sound of the download function, a lot of friends want to hear and not complete novels, listen to the novel, we can bring your own web site, DIY is the existing sound novel audio works, using audio to modify the software to join to record website publicity in the works, on the one hand can let more people download on his website, the other a little more brand, the main point is the shared resource, how to share resources? First, the use of thunder, second, Li Download the Gougou and all kinds of resources in various sites, in fact, to the benefit of our website want in this foundation, we can make good use of these resources for their own marketing lay.

third points: the voice of the novel marketing of the three, read app function >

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