Baidu worries cash flow decline curve in content barriers

this is an afternoon in mid July, but also the Baidu Inc (BIDU.NASDAQ) ordinary day. From the Beijing subway, in a group of technology companies surrounded, the most prominent is the wave like Baidu building. The river surrounded by the transparent hall crowded, every ten minutes, someone holding a notebook computer with people to come to candidates in the two floor of the hall will be the sun.

in Front Gate right large LCD on the wall, is a Baidu keyword search graph, search keywords all the users of the change, which constitutes a red curve, it lays out the focus of national Internet users are most concerned about. It also means that this is China’s largest Internet portal.

financial figures are evidence of the company’s rapid growth. Baidu’s market share rose to 77.6% in the first quarter of this year. Total revenue, operating profit increased by more than 75% over the same period in 2011. Expected two quarter revenue growth of nearly 60% over the same period last year. Baidu analysts familiar with the number of 70% must be impressed, because such a chain growth has been going on for several years.

however, in recent research by Morgan Stanley, the fund researcher gives the judgment is that Baidu’s future may not be too good. Toast to celebrate the many, and now Baidu also need to think about themselves, today is the end of the whole growth cycle of Baidu or a new starting point?

decline in traffic realizable curve

current mobile terminal to bring Baidu traffic has accounted for 20% of the entire Baidu traffic. However, the mobile Internet can not be the same as the monetization of the desktop, which is the mobile Internet industry problems, for Baidu, 20% of traffic may only provide a single digit earnings growth of

Research Report of a group of related Baidu Inc

published in early July sparked investor concerns about Baidu’s research fund researcher this report from Morgan Stanley in June 26th by the organization of only a few people in the.

if the Internet world has been in accordance with the original track running down, if Baidu is not a major problem, it will continue to play a full Chinese largest Internet "fortress" role, become one of the most important Chinese Internet company.

however, in China Internet industry vertical segmentation era, in the mobile Internet on the impact of the Internet on the desktop, network advertisement service model innovation under the condition of external barbaric growth of competitors, is forcing Baidu from business to reconstruct the enterprise temperament.

the whole Internet world is undergoing a qualitative change.

Since the birth of

applications based on mobile Internet (App) mode of human-computer interaction, and to access the Internet through the application of the habit of using the change is completely based on the old model of search engine and web browser.

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