Dry cargo local WeChat public No 10 days explosive powder 10 thousand fans

looked so WeChat marketing, powder case on the Internet, the title is very appealing, read the contents, that is the so-called theory, or some such mentality, no specific method, no steps, said this is not equal to the white say. We have never made the title of the party, come to the actual point, throw up some dry cargo. Today, I will give you a high feasibility, but there are practical steps of the WeChat public number of explosive powder run program.


is now more and more difficult to do WeChat public numbers add powder, but also a lot of high cost. A lot of local people do MOE MOE treasure, but now Meng Bao activity is also very weak, so the effect is not ideal. If you want to do a good job in the local public numbers, you must think of a new idea, if your creativity is better, then your cost may be zero. But there must be a new idea, you can not add the public number of fans! If the use of good words, the new number rose ten thousand or twenty thousand fans a month is a small problem. We take the local public numbers, for the next step of the powder explosion.


a, copy content

if you want to let others spontaneous forwarding, then you must have good content. What content is easy to be spontaneously reproduced share a lot of? Reprint volume relatively high content of the conclusion: surprise, laughter, fun, entertainment, pain and resonance of the content makes it easy to forward, there is a dispute and the XX class you know. For local public numbers, I give two suggestions.

1, local news

news to have enough material, must be surprising news, do not casually issued a news. For example: the local news appeared to grab the child, a serious car accident of a lot of the city, the city a rich two generation marriage with 100 luxury cars, with the destruction of these news, let a person see particularly surprising news, this can cause the forwarding rate is high.

some time ago a new public number on the use of a press to grab the child, maxed out the circle of friends, two days the amount of reading more than 50 thousand, then the amount of reading more than more than 60 thousand news and rumor. If this kind of news must pay attention to the legal consciousness, as far as possible with some uncertain words, such as "suspected", combined with local public security micro-blog and other news clues. Do not arbitrarily to publish rumors, we must pay attention to laws and regulations.

to do the requirements of the news category is fast, get the information to be fast, published quickly. Because the amount of reading and forwarding the news cycle is very short, usually a few days time. The advantage of news is that it can break out in an instant, so do news is fast, if you start slow, others know this news, and then do not have any meaning.

2, local comedy

a lot of local comedy comedy public numbers, have a lot of fans attention. This kind of smile

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