CANN intends to plans to expand the generic top level domain names registered as worries

Beijing on January 5th news, according to foreign media reports, despite the industry’s criticism and some law enforcement agencies concerned. Internet name and for (The Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers, hereinafter referred to as ICANN) plans to increase the number of possible generic top-level domain name.

ICANN plans to begin accepting applications for increasing the number of domain names to choose from next week. The move makes many companies feel indignant, but also expressed concern. The company is worried about trademark infringement, for some time, they had to buy something they don’t intend to use the web site address, to prevent these addresses fall into the hand of the domain name registration.

U.S. Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration (the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration) director Laurence · Stricklin (Lawrence E. Strickling) on Tuesday sent a letter urging ICANN to take measures to reduce the demand for defensive register.

Stricklin said: "in the past few weeks, we met with the industry learned that the industry is very concerned about the details of the program, this program may lead to some unexpected and unpredictable results, which may endanger its success."

ICANN said Wednesday that ICANN will evaluate Stricklin’s proposal. Steve, chairman of the board of ICANN · (Steve), said in an e-mail statement: "we are grateful to for his comments and suggestions," said Crocker."

the cost of each top line domain name is $185 thousand, ICANN will be January 12th to accept the domain name application, currently do not know, the first domain name enabled specific time. Sources close to ICANN said: "of course, we will follow the prescribed order slow execution." This means that ICANN has no plans to delay the expansion of top-level domain name, the domain name extension allows the site to address more innovation, and opened the door for non Latin alphabet. ICANN promised to act in accordance with the new system, a rapid attack on trademark infringement.

Stricklin also urged ICANN to better identify the subject of control of the site, so that once these sites are used for criminal activities, can help law enforcement agencies to combat. National Association of advertisers (The US Association National Advertisers, ANA) of, vice president of government relations Dan · Jia Fei (Dan Jaffe) worried that many companies have to spend hundreds of

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