Mobile social gaming site Z2Live 3 million investment

Admin5 webmaster network August 14th news is headquartered in Seattle’s mobile social gaming site Z2Live will announce a total of $3 million in the case of the $second round of financing, the current round of investment led by Madrona Venture Group. Madrona Venture Group has invested $1 million last year, the company’s Paul – Z2Live (Paul) served as director of Z2Live (Goodrich).


Z2Live claiming to be the first multiplayer mobile gaming platform, and has developed a multiplayer game platform for iPhone and iPod Touch. They also implemented a series of subscription services. Z2Live said that this platform supports a variety of social games, including turn based casual games, competitive games, role-playing games, first person shooter. The entire game platform for users completely free.

it is understood that the company’s corporate structure is more complex, belonging to another company Zero260. Zero260 has just released a product called PhotoFeedd this year. Two companies were created for David Bluhm and Damon Danieli.

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