Give up 200 thousand annual salary into professional business website

abandoned 200 thousand annual salary into a professional business website

is worth? Ask yourself, I can not believe, also not sure, but the fact is in sight.

today, I was the general manager of a large group of trade group deputy general sales department and a monthly salary of 10 thousand, plus the mixed, the annual salary of 150 thousand, once again signed a new contract. In this company, I worked for five years, from the year of the Qing Leng head until absolutely ignorant of do group deputy chief positions, the pay is more, this year is the most difficult year for the company, meet all sorts of questions, very difficult, but again big problem and I will try my best to deal with off. But now it is to choose to leave, because the site, I am very contradictory, the company also tried to retain my salary, and promised to give me 50 thousand, but two years later, also helped me to buy a house, and give the shares, enjoy the profit sharing. Contradiction.

Chengdu iron and steel network ( as of 13, Baidu included, GG included in the, YAHOO included in the, GGPR: 3, IP2200,, PV6000.

in December 06 years ago, I was a web site is composed of what people do not understand, and now made such a station. The real "Chengdu steel net" in April this year, because of my work, so in this industry more familiar with, then do station is only for a fun, loving, never wanted to do it as a career to struggle, until September, a Chongqing company called come, say to want to do an advertisement, 220*60, 3000 yuan / year, what it is OK, the contract passed, waiting for each other to sign a call, who knows each received fax, required to cover a seal on the contract, I was dumbfounded, I also yes, originally intended to find a customer by their company’s stamp an even, can think or do, think of themselves as there are many services did not keep up, the more important is the site so far, or am I a person doing. Khan!

but it came to this step, you can not let me back on this site to consider from another angle, according to the home area, do 220*60 advertising is not under 100, that is two and three hundred thousand, this is an income, in addition to the website content information fee, (do the industry, pay attention to is the most timely release of information and accuracy, and the basic stock market almost half an hour can affect the income of over a million), there is a market of SMS revenue, the most important point, I dare say, so far, my website is whole the western region as a site of iron and steel industry the most complete information, only the user is very strong, wide area, covering Xi’an, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming, Guiyang, Lanzhou. At present, I stand 70% of the flow from the Sichuan, which comes from the iron and steel industry, and now the number of fixed daily standing on the information to see the number of more than and 100 – 70%

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