Copy should worship which historical figure as buddhal

if an occupation, not a patriarch will not appear "artisan spirit" will appear without foundation.

so elegant art you, how can there is no inside!

and I believe a lot of copywriting friends, however, often face the proposal manuscript rewrite, no inspiration… Etc. broken things.

so then you need to master the blessing blessing, let the ancestral meal give.

barber worship Guan Erye, carpenter Bailuban, Ghoul worship Cao Cao, fish home to worship the goddess..

so who should worship the copywriting buddhal




: two

nominationAs everyone knows,

, editor of a "LvShiChunQiu", called every phrase a gem. Mr. Lv Lao then hung in the book immensely proud, the gate of Xianyang, with everyone said: "if anyone can change a word on it, I gave his daughter."


change a word of a poor little girl! How much copy of the dream.

feedback to the customer every time –


did not feel the change."

"overall direction, but the point should be changed."

"feeling almost, but the title words wrong, or you changed it."

in this case, we immediately. The father, confidently said: "with the customer can change, change a word cost plus one thousand."

nominations: Chen Sheng, Wu Guang

When it comes to

, we often say, "we must grasp the pain points", "we should have the resonance", "there must be two times", "creative" and so on. As I said, the history of the master copy, none other than the non Sheng Wu guang.


two on plug belly with the words "King Chen Sheng" cloth, and fox called anchorperson "Chu Xing, Chen Sheng king, successfully fought scared urine and then killed; in the leader, the famous" military and political leaders in public speaking rather a kind of peace!". Finally, successfully led the fodder uprising, kill Chi, the regime set up.

this series of articles, on the one hand, and as a means of communication, let not a jittery There were many discussions. "Two media", on the other hand, the "military and political leaders rather a kind of peace!" the anger of kingship cannon excited resonance, worthy of "seditious than Lenin death does not belong to the proletariat" and finally really! Let them take what it called successful fodder uprising, this is called fans economy


so if you want to have the substantive effect of the above, please visit Chen Shengwu.


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