How to make good use of the marketing activities of Telecom Tianyi mobile phone network marketing pr

often come to the webmaster network, mainly because of the likes of computers, but rarely do stand. Just started playing the kind of free forum and so on, and then bind the domain name. Do the station is also a big four can be involved, at that time a lot of free time, but also did not go deep, the level is limited to a simple clear DEDECMS, and then make some changes as needed. Even now, I would like to build their own level far below the webmaster network inside the reclusive master.

but I want to be sure, that is to do what? Most undoubtedly is to profit, to make money. Either full-time or part-time, the website how to profit? There are a lot of stationmaster net friends gave the answer, I’m not master, can not give the comprehensive, but most webmaster friends or stay in these ads to profit by GOOGLE ADSENSE.

I would like to make a clarification, I am talking about the same level as I do the general level of the webmaster’s survival status. If you are doing a part-time job, that’s one thing, as long as the site of your overall income the income of high proportion, you can relaxed attitude to do station play station. If you are a full-time station or the station’s revenue accounted for a high proportion of your overall income, then you will certainly have a lot of confusion and annoyance. How to make money? Network advertisement income may also bring every day than go out and do some toil to money fast.

I think how to convert the site traffic into business opportunities is more friends need to consider things. A lot of friends do garbage station, garbage station is now a golden period, and personal energy is limited. Two is to do so much more, but also bring you a sense of accomplishment. Three is a webmaster friends if a little industry, get rid of the next day more than a dozen hours of the computer in front of life, for the change of life must be positive. Some friends get one or two sites, I admire these friends, but the level is limited, the profit model of the problem is often able to give people worry about death.

I’d like to talk about my situation. I’m a sales manager of a mobile phone company. Because it is very familiar with the mobile phone market in Shenzhen, and Shenzhen is China and even the world’s mobile phone capital. Would like to take advantage of this resource, the first step to complete their own business. No matter do not do a website, I now use the resources are no problem, but you want to make a big cake, do business to expand, or the need for site. So I’m going to be the first to do a website to attract target customers to visit my website, website traffic has a certain reputation, I come to carry out industrial. There are two parts, a part of the wholesale business, because there are channels customers, so this is not worry, but also the core of the business profit. Another part of the retail, it is necessary to rely on the site slowly gathered. Because the industry involves hundreds of thousands of investment, the site does not talk about business, clustering is more important.


also depends on the website, now Telecom Tianyi 189 activities are being carried out like a raging fire, this is the lifeline of telecommunications, telecommunications has the task of death this year, that is to the development of tens of millions.

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