From a valuation of 9 billion to the company female Jobs was accused liar 3 entrepreneurial Bane

Elizabeth · Holmes (Elizabeth Holmes), 2 years ago in the TEDMED in high and vigorous spirits delivered a speech at the meeting, to become "the most distinguished award winner of the young 14 months ago, known as the" female Jobs ", 6 months ago, Theranos still triggered star startups blood test of the technological revolution.


at that time, her story was a legend.

found blood pain points: fear of needles, high cost, low efficiency, less body.

R & D blood detection technology, 19 year old venture out of school, founded Theranos.

was in a very short period of time more than 400 million U.S. dollars of financing.

found $790 million venture capital, 10 years, the company reached $9 billion valuation.

accounted for 50% stake in the company, worth more than $4 billion 500 million.

boarded the cover of Forbes magazine, won praise from the white house.

she has a strong background, grandfather is a well-known medical experts in the United States, parents are American politicians.

for her investment, ordinary start-ups elusive, a member of the board of directors include former Secretary of state Kissinger and George · Schultz ·, former Secretary of defense Bill; Perry, and former senator. Oracle CEO Larry · Allison also included.

, however, the most brilliant story has a sudden turn for the worse.


, a Wall Street Journal reporter who won the Pulitzer prize for the two time in October 16, 2015, issued a document on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on, questioning the effectiveness and accuracy of the technology.


the U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigation followed. The federal Medicare and Medicaid Services Center also found that Theranos’s clinical trial would have a direct risk for patients. 3 month notice, Theranos may be revoked qualification, and as the founder of the Holmes and Baerwani may be prohibited from engaging in the industry for at least two years.

Holmes and her as a drop of blood can be completed more than 200 test, only need to wait for 4 hours, the price of less than $3, a time pushed to the opinion of the Theranos at the edge of yichujikui in the teeth of the storm.

technology is not subversion, Holmes is not hard enough to come today, because Holmes and Theranos have three fatal death.

biggest Achilles heel: bypass professional doctors, medical and health products sold directly to the.

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