Micro marketing is how to do how to do WeChat marketing

right now, WeChat marketing is gradually emerging, everyone should seize the new opportunities of the new era of marketing, so how to do a good job of WeChat marketing?.

1 friends number

WeChat to have a certain WeChat friends, if only a few dozen, is unable to do WeChat marketing, at least 500 or more, must be high quality friends, in order to produce a certain effect. Of course, you can also through some of the late efforts to increase your WeChat friends.

2 friends impression

you may say, is not a thing to sell, wool relationship with your character? If so, then you are wrong, if you are a street vendor, or Taobao may not need to sell things now, WeChat may have a relationship. That is to say you usually with friends and customers, such as the relationship between the students how to deal, you are friends inside the reputation is good; how we evaluate on you, it is also very important, most of the business is the first from my friends, if you do not recognize friends, do not support how do you convince others,


3 social resources

social resources requires some experience, more difficult for newly graduated students, but for those who have been working for several years of friend, you in addition to their colleagues, do not know and make some other friends, such as customers and partners to establish a good relationship, there are certain social contacts to you this WeChat marketing will play a very important role, because they are the mainstream of society, rich, have contacts, to get their support, will have a very good effect.

4 copywriting skills

WeChat marketing are relying on your text to impress people, if you do not use the text description, only send pictures, simply can not impress others. A good product, it is necessary to speak a word to support it, so as to have vitality. Such as selling clothes of friends, you will direct the clothes pictures and clothing color, style, size is put up, do you think there will be the effect? How often do you and your friends are tired, good friends are good, such as general relations or friends, they will pull you into the dark list. So, do WeChat marketing, you must have a certain writing skills, you do not need a copy of how good, at least you have to describe the product clearly, say clearly.

5 marketing capabilities

marketing ability is also a can not be ignored, why millet success is his ability in the network marketing, this is very important, we all say WeChat is doing marketing, so we cannot do without marketing two words.

(1) good name

a good name, easy to spread, you can enhance your visibility several times. Such as the purchase of rice rich brother, WeChat named rich brother to sell rice, a look to know is to sell rice; WeChat’s name is recommended for you

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