How to improve the conversion rate of digital marketing Learn the classic principles and cases

advertising in the promotion of these classic principles, in today’s network marketing and digital marketing, and not outdated, but continue to play a role in assisting network brands to enhance the flow and transformation. Do not know how to carry out marketing on your site, improve the conversion rate of advertising to learn these principles, Linkedin, Facebook, it is to benefit from this.

although digital marketing is a new industry, but many of the marketing theory has existed for more than 90 years, and today can be a lot of network brands to become the driver of sales. In 1923, Claude C Hopkins (Claude · Hopki) wrote the "science of advertising" this book, is regarded as the classic advertising industry. Hopkins takes the lead in testing the ads and provides a series of principles that apply to today’s digital marketing to enhance traffic and transformation. David Ogilvy commented: if you have not read the book more than 7 times, no one should be engaged in the advertising industry related work. Hopkins is to quantify and evaluate the ad advocate. He even took the lead in the mail subscription coupons through different response code to test the impact of different factors on advertising. This means that he can know which ads bring the best sales results. Because in the newspaper advertising department, Hopkins’s income is related to the output of its advertising position, so he will ensure that each word, image and blank can be delivered value.

Mail advert showing response order code:


although this section was first published 90 years ago, these principles and cases are still of great value to today’s brands:

1, make it personalized

Hopkins found that users receive free gifts and will not have a special incentive for him. This is so common in many cases that it is often overlooked. Instead, he suggested that people would be more interested in sending a letter telling someone to exchange a book with their name on the front page. As a result, almost everyone who received the letter replied to their personal information. When people know that something belongs to them, such as having his name on it, he will get it back. Apple has used this way, in the billing process to provide users with personalized product choices. By showing a preview of the product you are buying, you can see your name on it and feel the ownership of the product.


this simple technique can make you want to complete this order, because your personal products are waiting for you. Linkedin used the same technique in encouraging people to change jobs

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