2010 Dongguan the fifth session of the successful completion of the nternet Conference

Admin5 station network December 27th news, the afternoon of December 26th, the fifth Dongguan Internet Conference held in Dongguan City Council building, the conference hosted by the Dongguan City Network Cultural Association, Dongguan 66, Dongguan Sunshine Network, East Network Co, from Guangdong Province, about 1000 of the owners, Internet business representatives and guests attended the conference, Minister of the Propaganda Department of Dongguan Municipal Committee, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Wang Daoping, Vice Foreign Minister Li Cuiqing attended the event.

the conference around the traditional industries present how to integrate the development of network marketing, network marketing and micro-blog Road, local and vertical community operators of the three positioning theme, the Internet industry elite gathered in Dongguan and representative enterprises, network status and development trend of Dongguan, market positioning, business operation mode, channel conflict and channel integration the industry of common concern topic summit dialogue, academic exchanges and experience sharing.

since 2010, the network media tend to be mainstream in the social media, highlighting the advantages of all kinds of Internet applications in the dissemination of information, to attract all kinds of social groups to participate in, the Internet has begun to accelerate the penetration of the community. At the same time, the international financial crisis after the traditional enterprise also pay more attention to network marketing, accelerate the use of Internet platform sales, negotiation and cooperation. This situation is particularly prominent in the world’s manufacturing city of Dongguan.

, standing committee of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Wang Daoping said in his speech at the conference, and the contents of the meeting, in accordance with the development needs of the majority of Internet companies in Dongguan City, will have a positive impact on the healthy development of the Internet industry in Dongguan. In recent years, Dongguan city network culture industry to adapt to the vigorous development of the national network culture, innovation and exploration, made great achievements.

present in the traditional industries and network integration development link, TTG vice president of operations Fu Dekun, Tianji Media Group CEO Li Zhigao, general manager of the network, Lu Yaocheng fans, Tesco founder Zhu Hai, the Alibaba of Dongguan shangmeng network responsible person Lin Guohui in traditional industries such as with the current electronic commerce with discussion. TTG vice president Fu Dekun pointed out that the Internet will be more traditional industry differentiation, personalized, will reduce the price of traditional rhetorical. Electronic commerce is a root vegetable, and the landlord must cooperate, rather than tenantgrows vegetables. While on local Internet companies should get local government support discussion, Tianji media group president Li Zhigao pointed out that the government will only support large enterprises, not only to support small businesses, and only hope by the government attention and support.

micro-blog marketing network marketing of the road link, the 915 mobile phone network operations director Guo Jijun, DZ product manager, micro-blog Sohu Du were locked in, 28 founder Mou Changqing, Peng tube Yanhuang network share micro-blog marketing channel. Yanhuang network deputy general manager Guan Peng pointed out: the audience is micro-blog cloud, broadcast rate and conversion rate is the key, micro-blog push each other is very important to the success of micro-blog marketing can bring considerable CTR and conversion rates for the website use >

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