Unfamiliar Street gambling gambling group reported continued 26 hours after being blocked

criminals using the Internet to gamble is no longer new, and began to use more and more platforms. Recently, the TMT exclusive coverage of the mobile social networking platform, unfamiliar street there are many online gambling gambling group, the use of red envelopes.


article once released, causing many users attention. The focus is: Red Group unfamiliar street gambling phenomenon is still a common phenomenon in the case? What is the official gambling group for unfamiliar street attitude? Treatment group to deal with the unfamiliar street gambling are effective? The key point, the blue whale TMT tracking reports for unfamiliar street online are red.

unfamiliar street platform does exist gambling group, rules vary

TMT deep blue whale group gambling learned, there are all kinds of gambling group, unfamiliar street platform not only has different rules, red envelopes Solitaire, and mine model, s.s.c, guess the mantissa, a variety of play baccarat.


mine model rules, by the rich, the last digit is mine, the other is a digital game player ray, need to continue the contract (100/5), if the game player no ray, is the largest amount of people grab the package; if a game player there is thunder, also grab the largest amount of gold one package; if there is lightning thunder outsourcee.

always color, guess the mantissa, baccarat play see the figure below:


unfamiliar street blocking gambling behavior, was reported to be 26 hours after the gambling group disbanded

blue whale TMT were reported in February 10th on the gambling behavior of unfamiliar street group, unfamiliar street system reply said that the report has been submitted for review, according to "code of conduct" unfamiliar street platform, and will be processed within 2 hours.


According to the

platform unfamiliar street behavior shows that gambling scams use red envelopes, depending on the circumstances, will close the account function, limit the interaction with other people, or repeat offenders will freeze the account, can not use the unfamiliar street, even may be transferred to the judicial organs related to the account.

specific behavior including but not limited to the following: 1 cut, gambling extraction group red fee form; 2 bonus rebate, promised to receive a red envelope after the return of the 3 times fraud; grab red plug, grab a red envelope plug-in took the opportunity to defraud money selling behavior.

it is worth noting that the unfamiliar street platform does not report on the blue whale TMT within 2 hours of gambling treatment group. In the day after the report, the gambling group has been very active.

however, after communicating with the unfamiliar street staff, the gambling group was eventually disbanded in February 11th. Overall, the reported gambling group was active for more than 26 hours before being disbanded.


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