The next two years the vertical field will be staged subversion or drama

editor’s note: the author Cui Xinglong (@BacchusEyes), Chinese Yi, vice president and Locke Internet Group CTO. In his view, the next 2 years, will be real estate, home, car, travel, education and health and other important areas of the vertical shuffle of the past 2 years. At present, these vertical areas face many difficulties: first, O2O business model is not clear; two, flow entrance of large companies dominated by the Internet; three, control of commodity production is not enough, the bargaining power is limited; four, from the Internet payment platform of financial products and control the vertical pressure on cash flow. However, the author thinks that, although faced with many difficulties, these vertical areas still have the opportunity to comeback, such as cooperation with the giant consumer scenarios to build diversion, to force payment transactions, the formation of the interests of the chain and capital chain closed loop.

often hear people talking about the vertical field of subversion and innovation, then what is the vertical field? Do a limited vertical field, refers to the real estate, Home Furnishing, automotive, tourism, education and medical and other non standardized consumer goods. For the purchase of these goods, occupy the largest part of our daily life consumption. Relatively fast selling goods, the bulk of these non-standard goods purchase rate is not high, and it seems far away from the internet. But I judge, the next few years, the disruptive changes in the industry is likely to occur in the vertical field.

first, the vertical mass consumer products in the field of "dilemma"

dilemma one, the concept when the method

can’t deny, today’s Internet has changed every aspect of our lives, from someone, find information, find the goods, or even to find someone to borrow money, the Internet offers us a better solution. As the longest line of consumption in the middle of the longest chain, the highest degree of complexity, the largest amount of consumer goods in the field, it is inevitable to the internet.

presumably O2O concept of the person, never thought in China, this concept will be derived from so many commercial forms. From the beginning of the battle of thousands of groups, and then to the traditional field of penetration, the Internet seems to attract from the real estate, automotive, tourism, and even the various types of medical and educational practitioners. It seems that because of O2O, the Internet is closer to the traditional industry. However, only less than 3 years, and then talk about O2O, we think of is no longer an opportunity, but resentment, a concept of excessive packaging after the offensive.

let us carefully disassembled under the O2O chain, the so-called online part, we defined him as drainage, and offline is to achieve the original service line. Many companies have done a few years of O2O things, and ultimately found that online has turned into a new situation in the advertising portal, but offline live less dry. Over time, many of the traditional areas of the boss will think that the so-called O2O, nothing more than is to move the ad to the phone, get a micro-blog, WeChat public account only. Online and o>

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