Enterprise website traffic to achieve more reasonable On the corporate website most P less than 50

is now using the network to start marketing more and more enterprises. Recently, I saw on the Internet about the majority of enterprise website traffic less than 50IP/ days. Enterprise website limitation is very big, flow how many, more reasonable? I am a person in charge of the network company in Ningxia, engaged in enterprise site service for more than two years.

here are some superficial understanding of my service in the enterprise web site in the process of marketing, hope.

flow of 50IP per day below the corporate website, basically did not play the effect of publicity. Daily telephone inquiry is less than 3

daily traffic 100IP enterprise website, you can recover the cost of the site, the daily telephone inquiry in more than 5

daily traffic of about 200IP enterprise website, basically reached the purpose of the establishment of the enterprise, the daily telephone consultation in more than 10-20

              first of all, there is a corresponding customer base in the industry. I hope the majority of the company’s network marketing executives exchange experience

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