Forum is not easy to use viral marketing methods

what is viral marketing method?

what is viral marketing approach is the use of active communication between users, so that information spread like a virus, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion. We can use free e-books, free software, free FLASH works, free cards, free e-mail, free instant messaging tools, etc.. If applied properly, this viral marketing tool can often be achieved at very low cost very significant results.

I think free FLASH works can be used as the key, do some creative work on our website address added to attract people, people will go to reprint this is not our website do free advertising to do.

free greeting cards attached to our web site to do some of the more beautiful, you can QQ, SMN bulk form or E – mail mail distribution. If there is an unexpected effect on the communication software. Ordinary advertising will make people feel bad cards can give people a warm and comfortable feeling, can greatly increase the effect. Free e-mail can be a large number of customers to increase the flow of the site, more access to customer information.

access, the number of online users registered solid important, however, the number of traffic is not our ultimate goal, we focus on the user’s real information. Only has a lot of customer information is have more shangji. Even if the flow in high not to retain customers as well as the contents of futility so we have by virtue of their own advantages by richly endowed by nature, subtle and rich cultural charm of the propaganda way to carry out public relations activities, for enterprises to improve their image, enhance market awareness, create more business opportunities to advertising can’t realize the way to improve the audience loyalty to the company the.

allows users to easily access valuable information and services, is the essence of network promotion. For example, when I was doing, it is very important to guide the way to let members become your viral marketing tool.

2 explosive news effect

Sany blog door events also is originated in the network, and caused a great disturbance, President Xiang Wenbo in his blog for speech, publicly attacked that hot Xugong mergers, suggesting that there is false too xuzhou. Xiang Wenbo’s blog is considered to be the takeover of malicious aggravating XCMG events, the words came out, and even lead to the volatility of the stock market, Xiang Wenbo and Sany also pushed to the loss of public trust in the teeth of the storm, users have questioned Xiang Wenbo’s behavior intention, individual behavior is the behavior of enterprises, interference on economic events is malicious or not? Blog door events, spread rapidly on the Internet, apparently a "malicious revolt" charges for Xiang Wenbo and Sany have encountered cool detachment of the public, the network are the main ideas that move to the wave is to buy Xugong for base board. But after the incident came out, the search for Sany and on the network has soared, the total increase from the

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