Clever use of VB language website cheating tools

contact network for so many years, has been doing some Wangzhuan in his spare time, recently finally bought a. The domain name CN, for their own Wangzhuan plan, but the new domain name do stand, just start will not have good views, promotion has become a priority among priorities. I use the introduction of IBP, a simple domain name login to the search engine, using the software recommended to do a simple optimization result is OK, the domestic generic search engine within a week by crawling.

in order to detect the effect of site visits, I placed a statistical code at the bottom of the site, huh, huh, but in a short period of time, the source of the search engine is less. In order to Wangzhuan plan, have started to think of a false way. The search engine is a false one time thing, now for the development of such a strategy website webmaster rarely, after all have a forward-looking vision, so this way is mostly Adsense denied. The online software is usually a false visits type, general flow are false, or is in transit, no meaning to my station is also not what good. Think of the recent more like VB language programming, then use my rookie knowledge, write a website traffic software.


is web traffic software, IP and PV certainly need to do support, as a stand-alone software, no visits IP how to update their IP? Search through the website, I found a website brush is used before the KU6 video, the principle is very simple, is to use the website for online users to their IP rotation refresh to brush library website website address, that is to say, all this will address an IP address to access the online users, your address will also be online users to refresh, similar to the previous network alliance each brush very hot. But we use only its popularity and address, do not need to register points and other 51, to achieve the purpose of our request.

For example,

brush flow site has 2000 people online, you submit an address, then your address will be updated every N seconds at a time, 2000 people online, each online IP will visit you submitted the address, so the theory is 2000 IP. PV depends on the time you brush the station, because it is time to decide their own, but it should be noted that the interval is long enough to open the address you submitted.

to find such a similar brush IP/PV site is also a lot, I only choose 4, do a four thread refresh, similar to the page shown in figure 1.


here, we look at the site’s source file (open method: IE browser – menu – View – source file), to find the specific use of the refresh address. Open the property right click with the mouse to gray, and then we will find the following address inside: url=http://s.www.leh>?

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