Learning to promote Baidu post bar can not stick to my web site

website, then to promotion, I was the rookie.

read a lot about the promotion of the article, the effect is the most obvious and the most risky than to Baidu know post, to Baidu post bar website.

today suddenly prompted by a sudden impulse to Baidu, Post Bar around, more than with several.

then see a post, put their web site posted on http://s.www.munaiyi3.cn



is not at issue, carefully read a dozen posts, a lot of people are stuck. Why can’t I do it

in the format www.munaiyi.cn or not, then change munaiyi3.cn



is all this, how is it, think of it, it is my address was blocked by Baidu? Ah, ah, I am a new application of corn!

a variety of address formats have been posted, change the address http://s.www.mimii.net.cn can be "successful operation!"

but the successful operation of corn are included in Baidu.

then came to the conclusion that Baidu post bar can not be affixed to the new rice. Go to Chachami history.

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