Pig CMS micro mall template gorgeous upgrade over sixty thousand combinations to create high end mic

as WeChat marketing big kill pig CMS micro mall since after the launch of Beishouqinglai pig CMS in plough, continuous optimization and improvement, but before the new commercial review function, as well as open membership card payments, recently launched a "universal style", which is not limited by industry, form, color, skin. As you choose, preview function, can set up your exclusive style according to the brand positioning and preference.

mainly embodies as follows:

1, 152 sets of templates, styles, cover and contain everything

pig CMS micro mall offers more than and 100 kinds of templates, style of every kind of enterprises can according to their own brand positioning, and product selection, several intention template, through the preview function, determine the most suitable template style.

2, 30 kinds of style, specializes in all kinds of browsing "obsessive"

pig CMS micro mall provides 30 styles, you can choose a few habits, and then through the preview comparison, to determine the final style.

3, skin, color optional replacement

for WeChat mall, you can also set the favorite color style and skin.

in addition, the bottom menu also has 15 styles to choose from. Micro mall we set up the interface, can generate a total of more than more than 60 thousand sets of style, but the choice of flexible, simple and convenient operation, greatly saves users time.

if the "entrance economy" is to grasp the six hundred million users, sitting on massive resources of WeChat marketing brand in the biggest temptation. The pig CMS micro mall is the temptation to directly into the benefits of artifact". Micro mall is different from the traditional mall, pig CMS ongoing in-depth development, focusing on brand interactivity and user experience, the brand and product three-dimensional, realistic, comprehensive and accurate push to the user. Pig CMS strive to build high-end micro electricity supplier model to help enterprises enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

reproduced in this article from the pig CMS official website http://s.www.pigcms.com/

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