How to do marketing in order to impress the 74% of the grass root population

if we are all the role of online games,

must be free of charge for low-end crowd –


because of the number of people, purchasing power, purchase will constitute the market,

and low-end crowd more money less –

the number of low-end crowd is really much,

"Chinese livelihood development report 2015", said the top 1% families accounting for 1/3 of the property, the bottom end of the total property of 25% family owned only about 1%, 74% in the end of the grass root accounted for more than half.

low-end crowd purchasing power is really weak,

according to the National Bureau of Statistics announced in 2015 the average wage data, the average wage of employees surveyed units of 53615 yuan.

low-end crowd purchase intention is really pull,

think about 4500 yuan per month, and pay the rent and meals and transportation, who may not live frugally.


but the fly leg is small, in the end of 74% the grass root is meat;

uses Maslow demand five layer (physiological, safety, social, esteem and self realization) eat grass root.

grass root physiological needs, so he should

why grass root male love drama, grass root female love


forget reality:

heavy obscenity

play in the poor ugly ugly winter, his spring can be far away?

so with grass root obscenity –

For example, a small meat raffle to send

concert tickets plus live in the same hotel;

, such as the platform for the promotion of the brush brush about success;

, such as Ling Shi claiming to be the sister artifact;

For example,

is called a duck fall into a reverie;

For example,

Ma Jiajia no bubble……

grass root security requirements, so let him follow

never will your users as a fool, but do not forget the grass root is a fool.

1, blindly lower

grass root mostly remain poor comfort zone for the rich rejection.

so, Zhou Hongyi, Shi Yuzhu frequently claimed Lei grass root (especially Lei, long car TOYOTA Camry, right Are You OK


on the grass root in order to successfully sell poor ugly monkey.

2, follow the rational


are poor, but the grass root, the young and young cynic is still a difference,

grass root does not understand the emotional, Wen Qing do not understand the reason, when young cynic put emotional reason……

so do the platform, you have to like Baidu Phi hi tech

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