How to correct internet entrepreneurs tribute predecessors

in 2010, the Thailand film "first love this little thing" watercress score 8.3, + 380 thousand + audience participation in the evaluation. Media reports said the China version to the shooting, said Yang Lu’s visit to six yuan force pictures president took the original screenplay, adaptation and film rights.

to capture the classic black life in the end of the routine is too strong.

Chinese cinema remake than old wine? The public opinion under the expectation of Zoupian Jian Feng, the director will be awake. For the "first love" this kind of plot, logic, people are deliberate broken three missing Marysu products, China team is probably just a gimmick. After all, according to the current situation of domestic film, small fresh film is difficult to break out, is controversial death effect seems to cool than is stilled dead – Huayi 2010 remake of "high school musical" heavily hit only 1 million 106 thousand of box office revenue, until today was a memorial from time to time.

Internet entrepreneurs circle the word "copy", not known as "standard" and "reference". That is, there is no entity nature, without damage to the other side of the commercial value of the premise can emulate and salute. Wang Wujia, former vice president of at the end of last year, there is a saying: all the great creation, not purely original, but from the industry to learn from each other imitation. He summed up the idea of creative material mosaic, and the connectivity is the most important.

WeChat invested $50 million in 2015 to Kik, was ridicule, said the teacher returns". This case can be real transcendence to follow, so the question is: how to leave no trace of

The students surpass the teacher. master?

1, do you think this structure and design is very much like it, with the use of


in the study before or find out the self and the other party business logic as well. In the huge system of Internet Nishajuxia, since that regressed or will do a Niubi career with the company, often in the face of peer plagiarism attitude is "no, they don’t know us behind a big chess".

does not know the board is not really big, but if really very Niubi? (hahahahaha) to the other business logic structure, depth, emphasis on their misappropriation of products, unless otherwise the overall copy, go back more do not know what is really doing, or want. Such a patchwork of products it is difficult to form a complete system, bug is only four air leakage.

2, don’t let other people’s logic and design limit their team thinking, do not just look at their own industry.

this is a recessive disorder. People are forward-looking animals, will be placed in the perspective of the pace of the past, it is easy to "learn" evolved into "imitation", from a single dimension eventually evolved into a paste into porridge. Instead of thinking in their daily competitive product research is limited to the.

as early as in 1992, "the beauty of the young girl," the comic book, many illustrations are used in the Chanel >

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