Group purchase net burn hard to change the user experience will become the highlight of the vertical

buy the industry’s dependence on capital is becoming more and more serious, the threshold has been raised higher and higher, but the value of the business and the user may not have a corresponding increase. On the contrary, businesses and consumers are reflected, buy experience is very poor." For a variety of financing news rampant, tick Group founder Song Zhongjie is the industry poured cold water, and the leaders of the tick group also claimed that just got second pen did not disclose the specific amount of financing. In an interview with reporters the day before, Song Zhongjie said: "the two elements of the future survival of the group purchase website decided: management service and user business experience, the two indispensable."

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group purchase website is by "burn a lot" and achieve the expansion of the user scale and the increase of the revenue, but at the same time, website advertising cost and operating cost increases. In June 21st, the first earnings report released since the listed on the display, as of the first quarter of March 31st, net income group purchase website glutinous rice’s is $900 thousand, and the operating cost is $4 million 600 thousand. In other words, operating costs are 5 times revenue. A group of people in charge of the network joked that the current situation is to buy a network to open a Mercedes Benz, opened a QQ.


is leveraging the market services rather than capital." According to the reporter, the tick group focused boutique group purchase last year thousands of war group have less advertising battle group purchase network. From the Google executive team left the venture Song Zhongjie very pragmatic, said in an interview, the second round of financing to fund is not used for large-scale advertising, but continue to do user experience and business management and development. In April, iResearch data show that the tick group is the only do offline promotional website ranked the top ten group purchase website, group purchase website and other go advertising war in completely different ways.

for the buy site, in the face of a large number of consumers when the service business has shrunk, the consumer experience becomes worse, which led to the decline of the user’s trust, the loss of user groups." Song Zhongjie analysis, said: so the quality of service has become the key to buy site to enhance customer viscosity. Many websites in order to protect the industry group purchase group purchase a sustained and healthy development, have the tricks to protect the interests of consumers. Before the tick group launched the "10 days unconditional refund", "not satisfied," Xianhengpeifu "consumption without the support plan", launched the "user experience for the public security system, the eleven group purchase process etc.. The implementation of one vote veto "sunshine" mode in the enterprise tick group, this mode is the operator is responsible for the inspection target merchant e-WOM, found bad reputation, can exercise a veto. To this end, the company acquired the 2011 SME forum for the most popular buy site, emerging network – 2011 China’s most investment value of e-commerce companies top 50 and many other awards.

With the increasing number of

coverage of the industry, the demand for services in the market segment will be more and more attention, a large number of vertical class buy site will become the

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