Pat micro shop views on social electricity providers there are new ideas but also to escape the old


double 11 approaching, although it is Ali’s home, but Jingdong must have a voice.

the afternoon of October 22nd, vice president of Jingdong group, pat Network President Kui Yingchun led his appearance in the headquarters of the Jingdong held a double 11 pat Network Media communication. For Guo Bin Lin Chen, vice president of network operations pat pat micro shop also came to help out.

from Taobao, pat model point of view, these two are C2C platform model, it is inevitable war. But Kui Ying Chun said, pat net never thought and Taobao are compared, they are not completely over the platform. First, we are still small; second, we provide businesses with personalized services and Taobao is not the same."

and Taobao are not the same as what pat? Since the acquisition of Tencent to pat, Jingdong to give it to tell what the new story? This story now, pat to the main push of social shopping, "to the center" of the idea, will pat micro shop floor.

first to explain the pat micro shop".

pat micro shop is a PC side to help businesses pat on the WeChat store opened the product, on-line just a week. It opened up the PC, APP, Q, WeChat, multi terminal platform, help businesses set orders, customer service, user management, maintenance and other functions, can help businesses have their own fans, two times lower marketing costs, the center entrance flow pattern is different from Taobao.

strengthen social shopping

communication, Kui Ying Chun emphasized the new pat "social shopping" concept, at the same time to pat to the center of the ecological logic, the future and the "double 11" and expressed their views. She said, with a micro shop and go to the center of the entrance, every business can do every day ‘double 11’, I hope next year will no longer open the ‘double 11’ meeting." She is here to go to the center of the entrance, refers to the socialization of shopping (SOCIAL electricity supplier) to break the PC electricity supplier, the user is highly dependent on the commodity search and concentration of the vicious cycle.

will double 11 desalination, strengthen social shopping, become the main theme of the new pat. Kui Ying Chun described it as a "temperature" transaction ", it can deliver goods and service temperature temperature", said straightforward is both barrier free communication, timely feedback.

for double 11, Kui Ying Chun said do not want to find a business to the inventory and the group of goods, discounts, play traffic, sales, coupons, these traditional electricity providers play. Because she thought it would lead to double 11 after the second third day logistics is very bad, many businesses are double 11 this day to prepare for it in the past half year, harass the people and waste money.

she thinks this "new thing" is to pat micro shop.

double 11, pat shop specifically how to play


this is left to pat the head of the store Guo Binlai answer. He introduced >

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