The electricity supplier who attack the day to single lonely become online shopping Carnival

in last year’s Singles Day promotional period, hit 936 million yuan daily turnover record, Taobao mall record sales of nearly 2 billion yuan. In November 11, 2011 this year, the 6 "1" days, by many netizens dubbed the "century day" or "giant singles". The website also played on the "double 11 online shopping Carnival" signs, there will be singles to throw the light Festival "posture. 11.11 this year is not simple, is called the century day, once missed, will wait for hundreds of years. Major electricity suppliers have seized this opportunity, plus last year Taobao mall victory case, 11.11 year Taobao mall, Jingdong, where customers and other well-known shopping sites have discount, gift coupons, freight and other promotions. Many consumers have claimed to receive a variety of promotional messages every day, the 11.11 can also be said to be a war between the electricity supplier.

Several major Jingdong,

network mall,, VANCL also began very early for their warm-up singles promotion event, 11.11 days 50 percent off seckill choice as in the past, advertising overwhelming like Jingdong mall, starting from the TV series "FHM" hit, hit 11.1 – 11.11 during the time the promotion of. Hit singles not playing a single child, Jingdong, the whole point of fashion! "Ad, played a single and not single, promotion to Carnival advertising; VANCL launched a" super singles, the 0 yuan freight "slogan, took the opportunity to launch 12 anniversary activities play, return money, brand stores directly to direct supply, great efforts to the audience a fold discount…… Dangdang also followed. Other electricity providers have joined the ranks, but I found that the network is very low-key low-key, no big move.




A number of Internet Co on the micro-blog

tracking data in the report, according to the latest statistics, Taobao mall in the morning of the 11 day double promotion within 1 hours of the transaction amounted to 439 million yuan, 96 businesses over a million. 11, just after a few minutes, one minute into the 3 million 420 thousand Taobao mall. 8 minutes of Taobao Alipay mall turnover exceeded 100 million yuan, 21 minutes, 32 minutes to break 200 million super 300 million. After 1 hours of direct jump to 439 million yuan. An hour, there are 96 stores sold over one million, of which JACK&JONES sales exceeded 10 million.

last year Taobao mall singles case, this year’s Singles Day promotional carnival, in order to avoid all kinds of pain, whether it is the B2C platform, businesses, consumers and logistics companies, all ready. From the promotion war response to the business enterprise logistics test, to avoid the embarrassment of the last explosion phenomenon, including tact, in the pass, Huitong, rhyme >

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