Talk about how to create a user trust business platform

do you want to do what is the purpose of the station I think whatever you run is what type of site, enterprise site, personal station, information station, etc., its ultimate goal is the same, that is profit. In particular, in order to sell some products or services in the electronic business platform, the purpose of profit is the site can go ahead to go to the foundation. For electronic business platform to be profitable, first of all need to understand our target consumer groups. Today, I would like to talk about how to build a user based on the user to trust the electricity supplier platform.

seize the heart of the target consumer groups

key in the business operation of a change in the electricity supplier’s products, and the product is directly related to the key to capture the hearts of consumers, then to see what we do if the products are able to receive our target consumer groups favored. So what kind of product can make our target consumer groups accept, buy, and even like friends to share it? This is our first consideration.

to understand that consumers for any business platform trust is not innate, in the virtual world of the network, our consumers tend to have a lot of reasons for us to distrust. We need to focus on the construction of the site’s reputation, and the main factor affecting the reputation of the products we sell. For the electronic business platform to sell what products can be faster cumulative reputation, I personally think that the sale of some well-known products. Because consumers are often on the Internet for the purchase of the products will be more careful, if we sell in the early stage is relatively high visibility of supply, can better dispel consumer trust, at the same time we sell products need to have means of security inspection certificate, such as the official website, SMS query etc.. In order to better eliminate consumer concerns about the authenticity of the product. This is just the beginning of the electronic business platform, we can be a good product to better create their own brand image, so for our late development is very favorable.

focus on the establishment of after-sales service system

electronic business platform is not a matter of 32 days, not overnight. For most consumers, what they want is a stable and consistent after-sales service. Good service can be better for our platform accumulated reputation, this sentence is very reasonable.

a lot of consumption in the network with the author as people may encounter this kind of situation, that is to buy finished goods, the seller of goods problems can not be solved in time, some bad sellers even indifferent to you, so that businesses often do not have to repeat, do the "one-time" sale. For our electronic business platform, we have a perfect after-sales service system, if not even a perfect customer service system, then you will not have loyal consumers.

for our electronic business platform for us to grasp every one

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