U S mission Wang Xing local consumer e commerce is far from the ultimate

U.S. mission network founder and CEO Wang Xing

[TechWeb] reported "meituan focus on local consumer electronics business, the industry is still far from extreme!" in mid August, the U.S. mission network CEO Wang in face-to-face communication with friends to express this view, Wang Xing believes that the industry is currently far from the group purchase to the extreme, the market potential is still huge however, the U.S. mission network to its position is to focus on local consumer e-commerce, through the Internet to contact consumers to local businesses, maximize B (local businesses) and C (local consumer demand).

data statistics, there are currently more than 5000 of the Chinese market to buy the site, the competition between the group buying site is very fierce. Behind the scale and speed of a hurricane, people questioned for the group purchase website model. "Group purchase originator" – the United States Groupon official website to submit the listing application, also sparked a debate about the "Ponzi scheme".

in this regard, Wang Xing said, now many people are concerned about the group purchase industry financing will become increasingly difficult, but in fact this is not the most critical group purchase website that, as entrepreneurs, not whether it can melt into the capital of concern and need the most, but what this thing is for what kind of person what kind of problem.

Wang Xing also stressed that the group is now far from being the ultimate Buy mode itself is very established. Consumers and businesses have this demand, the key lies in can be access to a sufficient number of consumers and businesses, and they understand what kind of demand, the breadth and depth of consumers and businesses both data well, then, if there is a better product and technical words, will have very good value.

Wang Xing view, the group purchase will only be merchants and consumers seeking discount promotion demand needs simple combination, and is not separate from the depth of mining businesses and consumers demand a deeper level, and to provide targeted services.

"local consumer service is actually a combination of more localized products, timely understanding of the business and consumer demand, provide more valuable services for businesses and consumers, for example, we will combine LBS to make more personalized service, for example, we will teach businesses how to strengthen the interaction with consumers." Wang Xing believes that the number of local businesses to provide a huge number of consumer services, there is no way to put them through the Internet and consumers effectively linked together, and now there is, this is the United States mission.

for businesses and consumers demand for digging, Wang Xing said, the future will be a combination of beauty group around the Internet online and offline, use the Internet to contact consumers and businesses, to build a social platform, is not necessarily to do independent SNS, but will play a role, the both sides of the transaction are firmly fixed in the U.S. platform. (Jing Wong)

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