Foreign trade station there are HostEase fish also have water

foreign HostEase host like fish in water, we all know that to do foreign trade, the website is the first and the most important thing, the stability of the site, meaning access speed for it is very great, it is like your appearance, your image, if your reputation is damaged, can not let people believe you as a person, then everything else is in vain, even if your product is good I am afraid no one would dare to buy. The HostEase host happened to seize the most critical point, that is, the speed and stability of the foreign trade industry is to do the same.

a foreign trade station has a HostEase page speed is no longer a problem

foreign trade station page open speed should not exceed 10 to 15 seconds, the principle of "should try to avoid too much and too large image files, Flash animation, should first take into account the necessary information about related products. So it is best to test your database. It’s important to be aware of the speed of page opening. If a potential customer enters your site, even if a few pages open slowly, he will probably give up halfway.

two, foreign trade station has a high HostEase stability

if you do foreign trade website every two or three days not open, then who would dare to do business with you? The site open to others don’t know what happened, you thought the company closed do? In short, do website stable foreign trade is fundamental, not any errors or losses, not just a bit or ten digits, probably on the back to add a lot to the 0. The HostEase provides 24 hours of service, to ensure that you can find the service staff at any time within 24 hours, so you do not have to worry about if the site has a problem and can not be resolved in a timely manner.

three, foreign trade station has a good shopping experience HostEase

The electronic commerce website

too many don’t care a good shopping experience, such as frequent downtime; the site to take care of others, and rough, indifference; these will destroy the consumer’s shopping experience. Of course, the HostEase host can only ensure the site does not appear down often, and their service to others, and can not control the service attitude, but with people who say HostEase host customer shopping experience is good, a lot of repeat customers, this is an indisputable fact.

four, foreign trade station has a sense of security HostEase

online paying consumers generally feel no sense of security, after all, enter personal information always let people have hung up on the internet. So you must be prominently on the page to show the user shopping safety, such as the use of Alipay payment, this will allow buyers to produce a sense of trust and safety, while the HostEase host support Alipay payment.

In fact,

foreign trade station is not so mysterious, it also and other general web site does not have this

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