Little red book Mao Wenchao aimed at the do not know what to buy shopping users

DoNews June 12th news (reporter Zhao Yue) in the growing competition in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, Shanghai’s little red book to choose the community + electricity supplier to cut into the market. Mao Wenchao, founder of the little red book, said in an interview, to leave the user behavior data in the community and the real word of mouth to share, for most of the shopping needs of users is not clear, to provide accurate recommendations.

Mao Wenchao believes that with the 85, 90 began to become the main shopping, the user’s demand for electricity providers can be purchased from the previous, cheap, etc., began to shift to personalized requirements. Therefore, many people do not know the specific needs of the purchase should choose what brand, which also led to the big Taobao integrated platform, which can not meet the needs of users, and these users the proportion is rising.

this solution is the little red book, the introduction of some overseas tourism and shopping experience of the users in the community and in their early stages of development, experience and experience sharing, interaction, in order to attract other users of praise and comments, as opinion leaders force laid the foundation of community atmosphere. In the play on the same platform to focus on the center to encourage each user to express their views, which is conducive to enhancing their flexibility and stickiness of the platform".

in addition, the electronic business platform from the PC to the mobile phone side of the screen, the screen is smaller, each screen can display fewer goods, the higher the accuracy of the request. Methods the little red book, in addition to the real user word-of-mouth, still within the community content on the label, the user or the collection of each point to open a post, will become the user’s data, provide the basis for precise recommendation platform.

on the current development of the platform, Mao Wenchao revealed that the red book early in 2014 on the line, the current number of users more than ten million. In December last year on the line of welfare agencies (limited ex gratia), as of May, sales of more than 200 million yuan. (end)

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